Recommended Business Resources Canva

We use Canva to create graphics for ourselves + clients. While it offers 1000s of templates, fonts, + graphics, you can also upload your own. Our favorite features are being able to save individual brand pallets or Brand Kits as Canva refers to them (note: you don’t have to look up the hex # or font for various clients). You can also share graphics or a folder with a team member or the client. Handy-dandy.

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app we use for chatting with friends or colleagues. While email is ideal for business conversations, Voxer makes it simple to get a quick answer or provide feedback quickly. We use Voxer regularly with our VAs to talk through tasks and also offer it in a couple of our client packages. It’s also great for quick messages you may generally send as a text, but that can be too much to type.

Recommended Business Resources Voxer

Our #1 choice of hosting company for more robust sites. Yes, we do use two companies for hosting websites and for my domains. We own several websites (and even more domains!) and never want to have all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. Lyrical Hosting, hands down, has the best customer support. They have held our hands probably more than they've wanted to. Use code VA411 and get 10% off.

We use this tool to create emails (for ourselves and clients). It has more design elements available than some ESP and ensures the emails are mobile-friendly.

In the past year, we have switched to Calendly from another well-known guy on the block. We should have switched a long time ago. #1 - it's much more cost-effective. #2 - the framework is very user-friendly (read: clean, white space). We can customize the # of meetings per day, create buffers between meetings and have a minimum scheduling notice to prevent last-minute surprises. The follow-up emails are super simple to set up. One of the best parts: we even get a text when someone makes an appointment

These are what we use to store #allthethings - personally and professionally. We both have learned the hard way years ago not to depend solely on the hard drive on a computer to store files. #itwilleventuallycrash. Plus, with cloud-based storage, it doesn’t matter where you are or which device you're using, you have access to any file at any time. [We do pay fees for each of these services due to the amount of storage we use, but free versions are available.]

The feature of Tribes is worth every cent. Tailwind is a scheduler for Pinterest® and will also schedule IG (we use it solely for Pinterest® accounts). While we always recommend going to Google Analytics and the source (in this case, Pinterest®) for analytics, TW also has a pin inspector, giving you specifics of how a pin performs + tools for evaluating group boards. You can try it for free.

Anyone living on this side of Heaven is familiar with this one. Zoom has been our virtual conference room for years. We use it with all of my clients, from discovery calls to follow-ups from comprehensive strategies. We also use Zoom to record videos for course material and site assessments. You can host up to 100 people for 40 minutes with a free account. We have a Pro account. And you can’t beat their customer support.

A cost-effective option for startups or small blogs or websites that don't demand considerable server resources. SiteGround offers a diverse range of shared hosting plans so that you can choose the right plan for your needs. Plus, they have very responsive customer service.

ClickUp helps us run our day. It's a project management system where we brain dump #allthethings and assign days + deadlines, including recurring tasks. Tasks are easily assigned to different team members, and it integrates with Google® Calendar so we have everything in one place. It has a ton of customizable features; you can use it as simply or as extensively as it works for you. 

This is our choice of a link in bio tool. The paid version (very reasonable) gives you access to analytics. You can customizer your page and include your link in your social bios +.

We each have a lifetime membership here. Jasmine is our jam, creating bright, bold, fun stock images for female brands. As lifetime members, we also have access to a marketing planner, faceless reels + more. If you're not interested in a membership, from time to time she'll offer one-off products in her shop

We highly recommend giving Jasmine a try! Her work is really something special. 🤩 

Another business resource where we both have a lifetime membership. Per their website, SSS “is for the woman who is ready to make an impact with her business and wants access to tools that will help make that happen. She knows that with a library of diverse stock photos to help her content shine, graphics to help her showcase her offers, and prompts and other resources, there's no limit to how much she can grow.” Check it out and get 25 free photos

It's an OG. We still use this for one-time shares because 1. our brains are [still] wired to it, and 2. it's too simple not to with the extension. Social media scheduler for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. [we only use it for FB pages + groups, Twitter and LinkedIn.)

An indispensable tool for anyone seeking to improve their online presence and digital marketing strategies. RankIQ provides comprehensive keyword research and analysis, simplifies content optimization and works to ensure your pages are highly discoverable, and even keeps users updated with real-time SEO monitoring. We truly believe RankIQ is essential for anyone looking to grow in the digital landscape. 

The one web design tool that does it all: customized themes, create quizzes, customize lead magnets, membership sites, countdown clock ... this tool is robust. Jenn has had an agency license for 7-8 years. Wouldn't think twice about investing in this. You'll be glad you did. 

We all have the potential to make grammatical errors or spelling errors, but Grammarly will catch them for you and suggest edits. We have the Premium version which offers a few more benefits than the free version. Download the extension and Grammarly will do its job in just about any program you’re using. Or you have the option to upload a file directly to it.

Neil Patel created this pretty powerful SEO tool that allows you to research keywords, CPC, and even your competitor's data. Seriously. It's worth the lifetime membership